New Laundry Rate List & Packages for Delhi NCR!

Do you think laundry rate lists and packages are eating into your monthly household budget? We are thinking the same and that’s why we have come up with unbelievably affordable laundry cleaning packages for residents of Ghaziabad, Greater Noida, and parts of Delhi.

Our brand new laundry rate list and packages have been designed with all kinds of laundry and cleaning needs in mind. Whether you are a bachelor with minimal weekly laundry or a homemaker with truckload of dirty clothing, Laundry Bucket’s new packages will make you happy.

Laundry Rate List for all

Our new laundry rate list and laundry packages have been designed after looking into cleaning needs of Delhi NCR residents. From students living away from their home to housewives with too much work in their hands, we have thought of everyone while creating our latest laundry rate list and packages.

Available in monthly and quarterly pricing, affordability of our rate list will surely blow your away. Have a look at some of the monthly laundry packages created by Laundry Bucket for residents of Greater Noida, Ghaziabad, and Delhi regions.

laundry rate list

Go through all the laundry cleaning packages to gain more clarity on the monthly pricing.

Quarterly laundry rates

Because laundry cleaning is not a one-time job, we also took time to create quarterly laundry cleaning packages and rate list for people who don’t want to bother with ordering and payments again and again. Have a look at some of our quarterly laundry cleaning packages!

laundry rate list noida

Automate laundry cleaning

Laundry Bucket started affordable laundry cleaning services because it is something that takes a lot of time and is highly cumbersome in nature. Free pickup, delivery, premium detergents, and guarantee of 100% customer satisfaction is helping us emerge as the favorite laundry and cleaning brand of Greater Noida, Ghaziabad, and Delhi.

Want to sort your laundry chore once in for all? Call 97 18 66 11 77 to place your first order with us!

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10 Advantages Of laundry & Dry Cleaning Services

We are so occupied with our professional lives that they have so little time for health and family. In such scenario, advantages of dry cleaning and laundry services surely look tempting. For families with working mothers and seniors, it gets rather difficult to manage cleaning tasks proficiently. Hiring a professional laundry services provider helps save time as well as get work done.

For those who are still doubtful about hiring a laundry and dry cleaning guy on regular basis, we have enlisted some benefits of dry cleaning and laundry services below. Have a look!

Advantages of dry cleaning

Gentler on clothes: One of the prime advantages of dry cleaning services is that it is less abrasive on your clothing as compared to traditional home washing and drying. The delicate items that need special care are always dealt accordingly by professional dry cleaners.

Super Convenient: Forget carrying out your rugs and carpets for cleaning. Top companies that offer dry cleaning benefits their customers with hassle free booking through mobile apps, pick clothes from your location, and deliver clean, folded, and sealed clothing in protective bags at your doorstep.

Perfect for Stain Removal: As Indians, we are used to try home remedies to remove certain stains from our clothes but some stains are so stubborn that it is almost impossible to get rid of them at home. This daunting job is cautiously taken care of by professional dry cleaners at affordable prices.

laundry cleaning services

More Attention To Details: When you take your clothes to a professional dry cleaner, they handle all minute details such as, folding, ironing, and packaging for you and deliver clothing at your door so all you have to do is hang them in the your cupboard!

Handle large-item cleaning: Professional dry cleaning services come with the advantage of handling large items such as rugs, carpets, drapes, and comforters with ease and perfection without causing any damage.

Time to look at the advantages of laundry services!

Advantages Of Laundry Services

Time Saving: One of the prime advantages of laundry services is that it is a time   saving alternative for families who are busy in their professional life. Laundry startups like Laundry Bucket use technology like mobile apps to simplify booking, pickup and delivery.

Pickup & Delivery Services: Most of the top laundry companies provide cleaning services with the advantage of free pickup and delivery service, which means no more hassles of calling or waiting in long queues to book the service. In short, an amazing advantage of subscribing laundry services from LB.

Efficient Cleaning Technology: Professional laundry service providing companies have trained and experienced professionals who are expert in cleaning and removing stubborn stains with highly efficient cleaning technology, which is yet another advantage of laundry services.

Delicate Washing: Delicate fabrics such as chiffon, moire, ninon, and embroidered silk require a careful and sensitive handling. Another benefit of laundry services is that their professionals give a delicate and separate washing to such clothes, maintaining their fine texture.

advantages dry cleaning

Multiple Services: One important advantage of laundry services, or we should rather say, these companies provide customers with the perks of additional cleaning services. Top notch laundry services providers other services like steam ironing, on-site cleaning, deep cleaning, sofa cleaning etc.

Choosing a reliable laundry company that always delivers what they promise can lessen your stress and give you more time to spend with your family and hobbies.

Laundry Bucket is an emerging dry cleaning and laundry services startup operational in Delhi, Noida, and Ghaziabad. We render three types of services- Laundry, Dry cleaning, and On-site cleaning, inclusive of carpet cleaning, sofa cleaning, kitchen cleaning, car cleaning, and more.

Call on +91 9718661177 to discuss your laundry cleaning, dry cleaning, and on-site cleaning requirements.

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Laundry Bucket – Hassle Free Cleaning in Noida & Ghaziabad!

Does your cleaning chores don’t let you enjoy your weekends? Residents and businesses of Greater Noida and Ghaziabad, we understand your struggle and hence have come to your rescue with vast range of laundry cleaning, dry cleaning, and home cleaning services!

Team of cleaning experts at Laundrybucket is your best and most affordable bet to handle your laundry and cleaning chores because we simply have no match in terms of quality as well as pricing. Read on to discover about our vast range of laundry services in Greater Noida and Ghaziabad.

Affordable dry cleaning service in Ghaziabad

Laundry Bucket have got you covered when it comes to hassle-free dry cleaning service in Ghaziabad & Greater Noida. By hassle-free services, we not only mean dry cleaning your favorite clothes but also free pickup & delivery. Just handover your dirty stuff to us & we will get back to you with fresh & shiny clothes at your doorstep.

Call 97 18 66 11 77 to inquire about affordable dry cleaning services.

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Laundry cleaning services in Greater Noida

Are you looking for laundry services in Delhi NCR, Noida, or Ghaziabad? We are one stop solution to your laundry cleaning services and bring world class services on the table.

Team Laundry Bucket uses powerful washing machines and internationally certified eco-friendly detergents to take special care of your clothes. We are more than just a laundry service!

Home cleaning services in Delhi NCR

Along with being our country’s capital, Delhi is also a hub of multinational companies, which attracts thousands of employees to live in the heart of our country. Being away from their families, they have to face various difficulties, be it the environment or their hectic working schedules. Our house cleaning services aims to take home cleaning burden off your shoulders so that you can invest your valuable time in others activities.

dry cleaning services


Our affordable cleaning services in Greater Noida, Ghaziabad, and Delhi includes cleaning, dusting, wiping, scrubbing the tiles, removal of stains from the floors, and much more. No wonder we our clients have given Laundry Bucket 5-stars on Google.

Laundry Bucket is highly recommended by residents and businesses of Delhi NCR. As a cleaning startup, we offer a wide range of laundry, dry cleaning & house cleaning services. Laundry bucket is also popular for on-site sofa cleaning, house cleaning, and carpet cleaning.

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