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Your couch can become a site for harmful contaminants counting bacteria, dust & dirt, which ultimately leads to many serious health problems for you and your loved ones. To keep all these at bay is regular cleaning from professional. The cleaning of your sofa at least once in a year from professional not only clean them but also increase its life along with keeping it soft and shine.

We bestow services like deep cleaning, sanitization, vacuuming along with mechanized drying. With the help of mechanized equipment expert team present the cleaning like anything. Our well trained and verified team assure on time delivery. Stop your sofa from becoming home to germs and pollutants, get it cleaned with Laundry Bucket, the leading cleaning brand in NCR. Regular cleaning of your sofa by professional hands also increase the lifespan of it. Just login at laundrybucket.co.in or download our app from below links and get your sofa dirt and germs free.

1. Fabric Sofa Cleaning

Process of Fabric Sofa Cleaning

  • Step 1 - Dry Vacuum to draw out loose dust
  • Step 2 - implementation of chemical foam and scrubbing
  • Step 3 - Wrenching out of moisture & remaining dirt.

2. Leather Sofa Cleaning

Process of Leather Sofa Cleaning

  • Step 1: Dry vacuuming for removal of loose dust
  • Step 2: Reconditioning with cream/wax and polishing.

Laundry Bucket is an established and trusted name in cleaning and hygiene solution in NCR. Our sofa cleaning services have served plenty of households in noida. Despite working in such a competitive environment, our services are quite affordable.

  • We use specialized, safe and government approved chemicals.
  • All products used by us are of high quality and give your Sofa a new feel .
  • Our trained and Old technicians are background verified.
  • Our professionals are trained to handle all kinds of fabrics with utmost care without hampering color and quality.

Benefits of Professional Sofa Cleaning

Your family couch is a favoured spot for kids and adults alike. There are maximum chances that your loved ones leave bit of sticky hand spots or several times your adorable pets punch their paw over it. If we talk about do it yourself that only clean outermost parts of the sofa and in many cases this process can also damage your expensive sofa with harsh abrasive and bleaching agents.

Individual fabric require certain type of chemical treatment and procedure for cleaning, one can’t apply a general process for all fabric, specifically when sofa is made up of delicate material like silk or velvet. It needs a professional to identify the quality of fabric and use the right type of procedure for its cleaning . So next time if you think to save some of your pocket with the help of google just analyse the real value of your money and call Laundry Bucket.


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